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Branded Christmas Crackers Purple background with Cadbury logo messaging
custom branded Christmas crackers with blue background, snow and company logo

Branded Logo Crackers

for your next corporate marketing campaign.

For product launches, marketing, branding/re-branding,
samples, contests, conferences, trade-show give aways.

A fresh, 3-dimensional, interactive advertising tool
to keep your company's messaging uppermost
in the minds of your intended audience.

Exterior printing and inserts are completely customizable.

Need these for your Christmas promotions
this holiday season?
There is still a bit of time left to place your order
but please don't delay. Remaining production
slots are limited.

Custom branded logo crackers USA and Canada MasterCard Costco
About Pricing:

Pricing for custom, branded crackers
depends on quantity, contents, related printing (inserts),
number of shipping locations, number of different designs,
whether you provide print-ready artwork or need our design help, etc.

Generally costs run between
$2.35 to $3.50+ per cracker.

For more precise pricing for your project -
Request a Quote HERE.

Who knew?!

Christmas crackers were first created as a promotional product -- rather than the holiday party poppers we have all grown to love at the Christmas table! Tom Smith, a successful London UK confectioner was trying to find new ways to keep ahead of his competitors in the world of sweets-selling. He thought up a fresh idea, rolling his candy in wrappers then adding love mottoes (like the modern 'fortune cookie') ... While this proved moderately successful he felt the candy packets required something a little more special to capture customers' attention.

One night he was mulling this over while sitting beside his wood fireplace, so the story goes, when he heard a log snap and crackle. It was this cracking sound which prompted Tom to figure out a way to add a 'snap' inside his wrapped confections. By placing two strips of cardboard joined together
end-to-end and treated with a dot of a combustible chemical (silver fulminate is modernly used) Tom was able to provide just enough friction when the pieces were pulled apart to provide the satisfying cracking sound we have come to know.  These cracking confections created quite the buzz, growing Tom's confectionary business to new heights.

At Elves' Best we continue to focus on party crackers for promotional use - product launches, sales meetings, branding, conferencing, contests and tradeshows - creating a memorable, interactive advertising experience for end-clients,

Fun, fully customizable, interactive & memorable!

Let us help you promote your business
with Elves' Best Branded Crackers.


Our Customers:

INVENTA - Cadbury Chocolate
d3sign - Bell Media
MDS Aero - Ottawa
True Lily - New York
Stratford Festival - Stratford, Canada
Ambiente Home Design Elements - Invermere, BC
Miette.com, CA
MacLAREN - Costco/MasterCard
Fleur, Inc - Chicago
National Ballet of Canada

APEX Public Relations - Tangerine Re-branding campaign

The Williamson Group - A Cowan Company - Brantford
Bishop Strachan School - Toronto
Access Abilities
Yves Saint Laurent, Paris
Honeychurch Lane - Elora
Decor & More - MEG Energy

Soft Choice
Creative Twist - Canadian Special Events Live!
British American Business Council - Chicago
Tacoma Musical Playhouse
Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania
T1 - Air Miles
Sherwood Motors
Oban Inn, Spa & Restaurant
Poundridge General Store
The Mendocino Country Store
Sweet Candy + Gifts
Ed Marketing - All Weather Windows
HR Certification Institute
Ed Marketing - VETS Metal
Gold N Fish Marketing / Trident Gum campaign, NY
Underscore Creative
Scarborough General Hospital
Ideal Property
Marco Corporation / Kellogg's YUM campaign
Corporate Gift Services / The Hettema Group - California
TD Insurance - Toronto
Banque Nationale du Canada
Asta Corp
Brevard Zoo, Florida

Our Customers write...

The crackers for our
Corporate Christmas Party
were a snapping success!
The effort and perfection of each cracker
makes it very evident that you love what you do!

E. MacLeod
Custom branded logo crackers for Kellogg's
Oranged corporate branded promotional crackers for Tangerine campaign  custom branded crackers for the Hettema Group in California


Quality year-round party poppers
proudly made by the Christmas Cracker Elf Team

We deliver Christmas crackers all over North America




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